Do You Want to a be a Volunteer?

Officiate The Action

Are you a hockey fan?  

       If you are, you can be one of the many Pondside officials we'll need for the event.


We need people who are flexible and just want to help - is that you?

If you enjoy playing or watching hockey, you will find this job as a Pondside Monitor a real blast! During the round robin play, we will have several rinks. Each of those rinks will need a Pondside Monitor who will keep score, throw in a puck to start the game or resume play, and to call penalties when necessary.

Pond hockey is a no-contact, gentleman's game with simple rules. There are no off-sides or icing calls, there is no stoppage of play except when the puck leaves the rink it's your job to toss in a fresh puck. Just about all penalties are minor for which the offending team loses a point to their opponent. For all the rules, check the Rules and Regulations page.

Contact Travis Foster at Click Here

 or at 204-856-0605

Please let Travis know what you are interested in volunteering for.